Shri Abu Asim Azmi

Abu Asim Azmi joined Samajwadi Party in 1995 and he was elected as President, Mumbai Pradesh.

Samajwadi Party entered into the electoral battle in Maharashtra in big way. Under the leadership of Abu Asim Azmi, Samajwadi fought assembly elections in 1995 and won 2 seats from Mumbai, in Nehru Nagar and Umer Khadi seats.

In the subsequent BMC elections, Samajwadi party got huge success as 22 Municipal councilors were elected on its ticket .This success also resulted in Samajwadi Party's debut in Maharashtra legislative assembly. As one MLC was elected as Samajwadi Party candidate, in yet another assembly election, Samajwadi Party won 4 assembly seats.

Abu Asim Azmi was charismatic to lead the Samajwadi Party successfully in various parts of Maharashtra, apart from Mumbai. Bhiwandi, Mumbra to name a few other places where Samajwadi Party made in roads towards share in power.

The Charisma of Abu Asim Azmi's bold and fearless leadership kept the flag of Samajwadi party fly high and successfully all over the Maharashtra. The record of Rajya Sabha itself speaks the serious and committed leadership qualities of Abu Asim Azmi to the cause and community.

In 2009, he fought Maharashtra assembly election and got elected from 2 constituencies, simultaneously. In this election, Samajwadi Party also bagged 2 more MLA seats thus proving the critics wrong.