His Philosophy

"Great Ideology Creates Great Times." Rais Shaikh being Samajwadi Party Councillor does support party's ideologies that entails holistic development of society and upliftment of weaker sections of society, working on the standards of equality and battling against communal forces. Rais Shaikh is a man of words, he is nailing every promises and issues that he has made and come across, and in a true sense he is a mass leader.
He is taking every possible step which eases the road for development not only in his ward but each and every place which lacks something or other in form of upliftment and development. He is certainly there for his ward people but he fights for every Mumbaikar's right and sees to it that his/her problem gets treated.
Rais Shaikh's dedication and passion towards the society speak volumes about him as a distinct personality. He is relentless revolutionary and an exponent of dynamic political and economic outlook. 
India must gain the status of superpower as the pillars of our country are; Truth, Democracy, Secularism, Commitment and Integrity. It is us who are shouldering the responsibility to strengthen these pillars and let the world see the potent India. The bridges are to be built, from where we all as Indians will look up towards a brighter horizon and stronger future.