• Education:

  • For economic upliftment of any society or community it is very important that the young generation embraces Education. One of the major reasons for backwardness in Minorities is the lack of education amongst its people. Govandi is predominantly a minority dominated area and the facility for education is precarious. Primary education is mainly through Municipal Schools but since the quality of education is not good parents send their children to private schools which operate from dingy illegal structures which are prone to any untoward incident. There are very few secondary schools and they all are mainly private owned. There is no facility for technical education or colleges.


    Our Program: If we want to change govandi we have to change the face of the education system.

    Upgrading the quality of Education in Municipal Schools, many steps are already taken like constant supervision, micro leadership program for head masters; train the trainer program for teachers under school excellence program, virtual class room in most schools for improved learning, counseling of students and motivation programs. BMC has also started Semi English medium curriculum on our demand.

    Bringing higher education facilities to govandi, one our demand the BMC has started 8th standard in 4 Municipal Schools, these schools will have classes up to 10th standard in future. It will be our endeavor to have preschool to 12th classes in Municipal Schools on the lines of Mumbai Public School

    We shall press upon the government to reserve plots for colleges in govandi area and start government colleges. 

  • Reconstruction of slums:

  • The government of Maharashtra has failed to provide slum dwellers self-owned homes under the SRA scheme. The living conditions in slums are very bad and there is an urgent need to re construct these slums and create basic facilities. Govandi is a very unique slum infact a planned slum as major portion is pitches allotted as plots. But as population has grown there is a tremendous pressure on existing infrastructure. Samajwadi Party has supported implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojna (RGAY) which has a provision of reconstruction of slum.

    Reconstruction of slums means understanding the basic needs like sewage, sanitation, garbage collection and road connectivity within a slum pocket and reorganizing them for better results. We have already started the work by way of a pilot project in ward no 132 kamlaramannagar.

    It shall be our endeavor to reconstruct the slums and provide better living conditions in govandi.

  • Skill Training Program For Youth:

  • It is very important that we make our young population more productive. The youth in the society are facing a crisis due to unemployment or under employment. After carefully studying this problem we have realized that skill development is the only way we can increase employment and productive among our youth. Samajwadi Party conducted many Job Mela’s and counseling programs for the youth to understand the present situation.

    It shall be our endeavor to establish skill development centers to provide short term training courses and launch a “Hand Holding Program” under which a young person shall be provided with suitable skill training and job guidance for a period of 1 year till be is not able to stand on his own feet. This will enable our youth to engage in more productive work and also reduce crime and drug abuse problem. 

  • Health:

  • Since govandi is next to dumping ground and M East ward is one of the most polluted wards there are major health issues in this area. High density of people brings individuals in close contact with each other and this also brings about transmission of diseases. M East ward has seen highest cases of TB and MDR TB. The current health situation is very bad and need major changes.

    We have started to work from primary health care and in first phase we have started BMC Dispensaries in ward No 132 and Ward No. 129 and Shri Abu Asim Azmi, MLA sahab’s NGO is operating 2 mobile dispensaries in the area. Azmiji’s trust has also started a modern pathology in rafinagar.

    In the second phase we have proposed a maternity center in the same plot from where Shivajinagar Urban Health center is operating. This maternity center will also have a NICU center. Shatabti Hopsital is also proposed to be developed as a Medical college. So our proposal is to have modern BMC Dispensaries in all wards linked to shatabti hospital and the new maternity center.

  • Women-centric issues: "Never underestimate the power of woman."

  • Empowering and bestowing power and respect to women is a quality of every noble men. I respect every woman and will leave no stones unturned to put them in a strong position and healthy condition in society equalizing on every grounds with men.

  • Environment and Pollution: "I don't want to protect the Environment; I want to create a world where the environment does not need protecting."

  • I want the constituency to be pollution-free and my people to be eco friendly. I will do everything to assure that the flora and fauna of my constituency remains evergreen. 

  • Drug abuse and crime control:

  • I want my area to be sane in the entire prospective manner. I don't want my constituency to be in bad light because of indecent activities and will not let anyone crime-smitten assure that my constituency is crime & drug free.

  • Malnutrition:"Nourish,Nourish&Nourish"

  • I will ensure that every child of my constituency is nourished. Balanced diet obtainable for everyone is the task that I have to achieve and I will for sure to make my people healthy and fit .

  • Grey shades of Indian Politics: "There is this concept of politics as a dirty game and politicians as the goons."

  • I want to change people's perspective regarding politics and politicians, people have lost their faith in the leaders I want to redeem the very thought and perception of politics and politicians as dirty, working of the people, by the people and for the people. 

  • Communal Harmony and branding of Govandi:

  • The fundamental principle of my philosophy and endeavor is to promulgate peace and communal harmony not only in my constituency but country at large.
    The steps that I am putting forth are my one step closer in making Govandi propel incessantly. Because "Ab nahi rukega mera Govandi."