Reconstruction of Schools in Govandi


It is necessary that administers know what is the ground reality and for tackling this purpose Rais Shaikh made it possible that the Urdu schools in Govandi are visited by Additional Municipal Commissioners.

Later Rafiq nagar school was ordered to be repaired from their dilapidated condition in 2 to 4 months time. Rais Shaikh raised the issue as he understands the value and importance of education and mainly the temple of our learning- schools. 

It was the the perceverance of Shri Abu Asim Azmi, MLA and Rais Shaikh that Sanjay Nagar School and Shivajinagar School No 2 were reconstructed in to Modern Buildings. Now it is Rais Shaikhs dream that Chikalwadi School which is in dilaipilated condition be reconstructed and BMC has already prepared a tender of 25 cr for the same. Chikalwadi school will be one the most modern school building in Mumbai.

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